Office 2010 - Access

Lesson 74: Sharing Databases

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Package and Sign

When a database is e-mailed to another person, it is wise to pack it, but above all, to sign it. This way, the receiver can be sure that the macros used in the database do not contain viruses. He will know who has sent this database and whether it can be trusted.
To create a database to pack and sign, go to the “Backstage” view, choose the “Save & Publish” (1) in the menu, select “Save Database as” (2) under file type, select the “Package and Sign “(3) option and click the “Save As” (4) button below.

This opens a window that displays your digital signature.
Click the OK button.

In the next window, navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the packed signed file. Possibly give the file a different name.
Click the “Create” button.

As you can see, the Packed and Signed file is saved with another extension, ie. “accdc” and this has a slightly modified icon. The extension “accdc” stands for “access digital certificate”, whereas the normal extension a database has is “accdb”, which stands for” access database “.

When you open the email program and add the Packed and Signed file as an attachment, you can see that the attachment is a trusted source just as the recipient of the email would.

If you get an “Access” file as email attachment, scan it first before you open it. “Macros” are an easy way to spread viruses.

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