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Lesson 9: Manage Slides (2)

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Rearrange “Slides”

We can rearrange “Slides” from our presentation, in different ways.  One way (1) is, drag “Slides” on the left in the list of different “Slides” to the position them where you want.  A second way (2) is to select the “View” tab (A), the “Slide Sorter” (B) button in the “Ribbon” and drag the slide to the desired position.




Have you ever made so many “PowerPoint” slides that by the end, you saw no difference between the slide titles and numbers or that it was almost be impossible to navigate throught the presentation ?  Then the solution is new “sections”.  This will help us put together several “Slides” into groups.

An example makes this clear.
In the following presentation, I have seven “Slides” in the presentation which may be too few to divide into sections but, this is only a preview.
The first slide is the intro (a). “Slides” 2,3 and 4 are on courses from the “Office” package (b).
“Slides” 5, 6 and 7 are on courses on “Adobe gamma” (c).

To add a section, place the cursor between two “Slides” at the place where the new section should be and click (1). This puts a black line between the two “Slides”.
Then click the “Section” in the “Ribbon” under the “Home” tab and select “Add Section”.


This places a new section between “Slides” (2).


We do the same between “Slides” 5 and 6. Place the cursor between the two “Slides” and click.
Then click the “Section” in the “Ribbon” and choose “Add Section”.

When you have done this, you will have three sections.
To define all these, we give these sections names.
Right-click above the name of the section (eg “Untitled section”) and then choose “Edit section name.”
In the dialog that appears (4) you give the section a name and click the “Rename” button.


Now all our “Slides” are divided into several sections, we can expand these sections by using the arrow keys or clicking on the section names (1).  This makes it a lot easier when your presentation has a lot of “Slides”.


The same can be seen in the “Slide Sorter” view under the “View” tab.  A lot easier.


If you want to remove a section, right-click the name of the section and select “Delete Section”.

If you want to change the stacking order of the sections, right-click the name of the section and select “Move Up Section” or “Move down Section”, depending on what you want to do. I think you have understood.

If you wish that all the “Slides” should be copied from one section to another presentation, right-click the section name. This selects all the “Slides” from this section. Click the “Ctrl C” shortcut on your keyboard.
Then open the presentation where you want to paste the “Slides” and click the “Ctrl V” shortcut on your keyboard.


Another advantage is that when you make sections of the “Slideshow”, you can easily navigate between different sections.
Right-click above in the “Slideshow”, select “Go to section” in the drop-down menu and click the section to where you want to navigate.

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